I'm Getting Married!

H.O.T. photographers have a detailed consultation with every bride who wishes to visit us & see the portfolio in person. As we go over the couple’s day, the session turns in to more than just showing our photography & videography work. As the couples talk to our wedding experts, they pick up a lot of new ideas & also go over the things that may or may not work on the wedding day. Here are some of the things that might help you plan your day better. This list not just applies to Indian events but to anyone planning a wedding.

What do you do?
House of Talent Studio provides wedding photography, cinematography & videography services. We primarily specialize in South Asian weddings. As photojournalists, we shoot weddings in documentary style. We believe photographers & videographers should capture the candid moments instead of interfering & drawing attention towards themselves during the ceremony or the reception. This is the reason why we have a planned photo shoot either before or after the wedding.

What should be my first step?
Booking the venue. Best catering halls get booked more than a year in advance. Once you reserve the venue you can proceed to meeting with other vendors. If you are having an Indian or Pakistani wedding make sure the the venue is comfortable with you bringing in an outside caterer.

What is the most important question we should ask all the vendors?
“Who will be there on the wedding day?” This goes for all the vendors. As photographers we get this from almost all the brides we meet & the ones who don’t ask, we tell them who the main photographer would be. In fact, we insist on you meeting with the photographer before signing with us for your wedding.

How & where should I look for the right wedding vendors?
Your best resources are family and friends. Ask anyone you know who got married within the past year or two. Who they used? What was the experience like? Make a list of the vendors suggested to you and visit their online portfolio for more information. If you like what you see, go see them in person. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Literally. Don’t just look at an album cover, open the book and look at the images to judge the quality of the work. Similarly, don’t base your decision just by looking at someone’s online portfolio.

What about the wedding expos?
They are great to meet new vendors in the market. If you are looking for a bargain more than quality, a wedding expo deal is your best bet. That doesn’t mean good vendors don’t attend wedding expos. They do but they never push the clients to sign up for the services right then & there. For example, a good photographer would like to sit down with you after the expo and go over your event in detail before committing to the job. You have to like the photographer’s personality & at the same time he must feel comfortable working with you. A brief meeting with loud music playing in the background is not enough to decide on the right vendor.

Do I need a wedding planner?
More than 85% percent of the H.O.T. brides plan their own wedding. The reasons vary for such a decision. Some couples feel they want to enjoy the entire process. Some do it for the budgetary reasons. And others just don’t want someone else running the most important show of their life. Whatever the reason may be, it’s hard to deny that a good planner can make a lot of difference. The keyword here is good. Always look for a planner who doesn’t charge commissions to the vendors. Even though most planners have a set fee for planning & coordinating, they charge commissions to their “favorite” wedding vendors. Usually they have a pool of 3-4 vendors in each category (mandap decoration, floral arrangements, caterers, photographers, videographers, djs, makeup artists etc.). Such planners push for these vendors for their personal interest, instead of providing you with the best service. On the other hand, a good planner would only care for your best interest and even take your input on what kind of services & styles you like. You would know if the planner is pushing you in to signing with someone vs just guiding you through the process.

Do I need a wedding coordinator?
Most wedding planners offer partial services like coordinating the events on the wedding day. This is a very good option to have as you & your family members don’t have to worry about the small stuff on the day of the wedding. Coordinators also send & interact with the vendors selected by you at least couple of weeks before the wedding, making sure everything is in sync. Some of our clients have one of their extended family members or a good friend do this for them, instead of hiring a company. Think of your day as a film shoot. The more time you spend on pre-production (planning phase), easier it will get as you get closer to your day.